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To Recognize the Love Frequency

Shared on September 9th, 2011
By Alana Woods

Have you noticed certain people have a warm energy, a loving essence? It can be someone you know, or anyone you have never seen before, passing on the roadways of life. Or an animal. The love frequency can also be felt in nature.

Charles Fillmore said all of nature sings. Flies scream, ants and spiders sing, termites whistle. Birdsong helps flowers open. The sound of Tree Frogs, Sacatia bugs (we used to call them eee-ere bugs, the sound they make in late afternoon when shedding their outer skins as the climb up trees),the sweet sound of morning doves and the Nightingale singing in the trees at dusk in India. And in the high desert, coyotes howling in early morning in the mountains, or in the full moon at night. And the sounds of ocean lapping at the shore, softly, subtly.Waterfalls in the Blue Ridge Mtns.

There is a whole series of 10 unique music CDs produced by a company in Denmark ( whose primary source of information is nature. I have most of them and have used them in dental treatments with my portable CD player, and for relaxation sometimes at night. The music layers sounds of the piano, harp, cello, oboe with orchestral background and also some nature sounds. This music is used in hospitals in Denmark.

The translucent energy of beautiful inspired music or nature sounds are the most powerful of “medicines”. Surrendering to their healing balm can bring a direction of wholeness, deep insight, even ecstasy. The Love Frequency.

When we listen quietly to music, the inner splendor is awakened as the Spirit passes through the sound. It can also elicit emotional release, emotions that are deep and beyond words. The Love Frequency.

Shared by Alana Woods

Alana has studied the arts from a very early age with private teachers: piano throughout childhood, art as a college major, and harp as an adult. Her professional background is as versatile as her interests. Besides the arts she has lived this life directing several centers as an ordained Unity Minister, studied Hypnotherapy, Pre-and Perinatal Psychology, Family Soul healing, Psychoacoustics, brain dominance, healing arts of Reflexology, Indian Head Massage, Clinical Aromatherapy, Ayurveda, and Music Practitioner, with certifications in most of them. She is an independent researcher in “prescriptive sound” or music medicine, a storyteller with harp and stories from indigenous cultures.

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