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The Wise Man and the Fool

Shared on October 9th, 2011
By Alana Woods

There was once a lemon tree. The flowers on this tree were very pretty and sweet. But the fruit of poor tree was bitter and impossible to eat. A man came along the path where the tree was growing one late afternoon. The sky was aglow with orange, pink, red, and deep blue. A ray of the big red sun shown down as it was sinking over a hill. It lighted the path the man was walking on, as if to show him the way to the lemon tree. Now, the man would never have noticed this, except that he saw his shadow and the shadow fell on the lemon tree, making it dark so that he did not see the tree until he bumped right into it so hard he knocked off some of the lemons, which fell to the ground. (One even fell on his nose!)

The man had never seen a lemon tree before. He thought lemons grew underground like potatoes. Soon he forgot his surprise about lemons growing on trees, for he was very tired and thought this spot would be as good as any to rest for the night. So he pulled a branch of leaves over his head and feel fast asleep.

When he awoke he found he was in a garden of flowers. They smelled so sweet that he was drawn to pick one, which he did. It started to sprout in his hand, and soon he was holding a WHOLE TREE that was full of lemons!!!

He sleepily tried to look around this leafy thing when he eye caught a flash of white. It was so bright he dropped the tree on his foot. Retrieving his balance again, he looked up ….right into the face of a dark skinned man dressed in a white suit. The terribly surprised man said “I must be dreaming! I have never seen a man with dark skin in a white suit before!” The dark man said “what is this tree you have dropped?” The fool said “Oh it is just a pile of lemons. And since I am thirsty I am going to eat one. Surely a tree that has such pretty flowers and smells so sweet must have fruit that will quench my thirst. With this, he crammed a whole lemon into his mouth and bit down as hard as he could. It was such a bitter taste he nearly choked, then he opened his eyes to find himself……sitting under a lemon tree. He look around for the dark man in the white suit but didn’t see him. He said to himself, “Oh, I must have been dreaming all of this”. So he got up and walked away, looking back over his shoulder and looking up at the lemon tree. “What a silly dream!”

(can you figure this out?)

Shared by Alana Woods

Alana has studied the arts from a very early age with private teachers: piano throughout childhood, art as a college major, and harp as an adult. Her professional background is as versatile as her interests. Besides the arts she has lived this life directing several centers as an ordained Unity Minister, studied Hypnotherapy, Pre-and Perinatal Psychology, Family Soul healing, Psychoacoustics, brain dominance, healing arts of Reflexology, Indian Head Massage, Clinical Aromatherapy, Ayurveda, and Music Practitioner, with certifications in most of them. She is an independent researcher in “prescriptive sound” or music medicine, a storyteller with harp and stories from indigenous cultures.

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