Sound Vistas

Explorations Through and Beyond the Senses

Musical Tales For The Inner Being

workshops and performances

Harp/Storytelling, a healing art form. Tales of transformation where the characters have an experience that changes their life. Stories from Native America, Greece and some original tales by Alana. These stories have layers of meaning and are transformative. Accompaniment with the harp adds another dimension.

Celtic Harp

Musical improvisations for groups, sound tracks for film and video, meditations.

Consultant, Sound Environments

Specially designed programs for Spas and other environments. Prescriptive “music medicine”.

Oneness Blessings

A transmission of Divine Grace by a facilitator gently laying hands on top of the head of the participant. It awakens your own essence and is solely for the awakening to Oneness. It helps set right issues that hinder awakening. People just feel better after receiving this blessing. Alana was initiated at the Oneness University of Southern India, under the auspices of the Avatars Amma and Sri Bhagavan, to give this blessing.

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