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Music to Heal the Family Soul

Shared on January 6th, 2011
By Alana Woods

by Alana Woods

When the music begins, the whole body listens. Like tone poems (music that tells a story), this music is full of stories, images, and landscapes. The music is poignant, clear and deep, weaving its magic. The solo concert harp is played intuitively, in the moment, calling forth the healing dimensions of sound and music. Relax and listen, explore your own story through the music.

  1. Waltz in the Light

  2. Soft Little Feet: Garden in the Sun

  3. Fragrant Memory

  4. Kindred Spirits

  5. A Familiar Room

  6. This Gift of Life

  7. Enduring Moments

  8. Road to Home

Shared by Alana Woods

Alana has studied the arts from a very early age with private teachers: piano throughout childhood, art as a college major, and harp as an adult. Her professional background is as versatile as her interests. Besides the arts she has lived this life directing several centers as an ordained Unity Minister, studied Hypnotherapy, Pre-and Perinatal Psychology, Family Soul healing, Psychoacoustics, brain dominance, healing arts of Reflexology, Indian Head Massage, Clinical Aromatherapy, Ayurveda, and Music Practitioner, with certifications in most of them. She is an independent researcher in “prescriptive sound” or music medicine, a storyteller with harp and stories from indigenous cultures.

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