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BETAR at World Congress Center BETAR at World Congress Center

Changing Winds

Shared on January 12th, 2011
By Alana Woods

Times have changed in the past 25 years. Methods of facilitating the healing response have made a shift. Today’s new, certified professionals are better schooled, more proficient in their art. And there are more options available. And the people who seek out therapies have changed, too.

According to one massage therapist in Colorado: “Today’s massage client is no longer the innocent first-timer. Instead, many are downright angry with themselves for having spent huge amounts of money on “Certified Professionals” only to receive a mediocre treatment that may have felt good at the time but had no lasting value. Many of these same people were disappointed with expensive spa treatments that featured pampering and fluff–with a glass of wine as part of the package!”

Sitting among the gentle hills of the Georgia mountains in Lakemont, Ga. is a white-domed research labratory called INTERDIMENSIONAL SCIENCE. A remarkable man, Peter Kelly (who passed away in May, 2004) left, as part of his legacy of genius, a psychoacoustic device which he perfected over the years called the BETAR (Bio-energetic Transduction-aided Resonance). It is a geodesic dome in which you lie down on a transduction table suspended in the middle. A series of speakers surround you as the music plays, and you are bathed in exquisite sound. Some people have said they hear the music as if it came from inside their own body. Many people have been healed of physical and emotional challenges “riding the Betar”.

For all its technological sophistication, the BETAR is primarily a device for delivering sound and vibration to the body. Pure sound. It has been known for centuries that sound and music affect the body’s energy field in dramatic ways. There is much work going on around the country right now quantifying scientific measurement of the human energy field. The Betar’s Grand Salon has a built-in biological scanning system which picks up the energy field of the body and reads it. Then it documents the effects of the music and sound on the energy system. It is possible, with this, to develop “prescriptive” types of music or sound patterns that can be played to individuals with certain conditions through this table.

For further information on the varieties of models using this technology of the BETAR, or where to locate and experience the BETAR, please see the Links page.

Shared by Alana Woods

Alana has studied the arts from a very early age with private teachers: piano throughout childhood, art as a college major, and harp as an adult. Her professional background is as versatile as her interests. Besides the arts she has lived this life directing several centers as an ordained Unity Minister, studied Hypnotherapy, Pre-and Perinatal Psychology, Family Soul healing, Psychoacoustics, brain dominance, healing arts of Reflexology, Indian Head Massage, Clinical Aromatherapy, Ayurveda, and Music Practitioner, with certifications in most of them. She is an independent researcher in “prescriptive sound” or music medicine, a storyteller with harp and stories from indigenous cultures.

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