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NEW BOOK – The Song I Hear

By: Alana Woods
Price: $15.99

Alana’s Memoir is a musical odyssey, the pied pipier in her radiating out throughout her journey, each stop on her travels more unique than the last.  We can almost hear her voice and her music as she writes about her magical life, and how the hand of destiny guides her.

A mystical journey, Alana’s experiences of healing with sound from New Mexico to Greece, to India are filled with wonder as astonishment. “(Savitri L. Bess,Author of “The Path Of The Mother”)

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3 Booklet Bundle

This Bundle includes all 3 of Alana’s Healing Currents booklets:

  • Aromatherapy & Essential Oils
  • Dentistry & Music
  • Natural Music Medicine



Music Medicine

Audio recording that tells of  early beginnings of sound in  human life, influences on health, nature sounds, how we hear, affects of sound, the many uses of music in healing and other life experiences, different qualities of music, and learning to listen.  Accompanying original sound track of harp and keyboard.


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The Healing Touch of Music by Alana Woods

The Healing Touch of Music: An Exploration

Music… It affects your mood, your brain, and your consciousness. Discover more in The Healing Touch of Music: An Exploration. Journey with author Alana Woods from ancient to modern times and learn how prescriptive sound brings healing, health, and wholeness. This book enlivens the lay person or professional and is a must for every musician.

Easy to read and understand with useful diagrams and illustrations and music suggestions.

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Endless Crystal Waters

An improvisation with harps and vocals by Alana Woods

This unique new CD is a spontaneous rich tapestry of natural waterfalls recorded in the Blue Ridge Mountains with two harps and female vocals. The inspiration for this recording came after listening for hours to the “conversations” in the water as it flowed over rocks out in nature.


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Comfort in the Night

by Werner John & Alana Woods

In quiet moments, when your thoughts won’t let you fall asleep, play this music.

Alana Woods (harp) and Werner John (Native flutes, keyboard) have produced an exquisite example of the gentler musical arts. This 2007 recording features concert harp blending perfectly with deeper-pitched Native flutes, including the 1200 year old Anasizi flute. It’s a rich and evocative musical journey, transporting you gently into realms of serenity and sleep (digital, 55 min.).

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The Little Alabaster Box

voice/music by Alana Woods

The Little Alabaster Box’ is an allegory that brings together insights into life’s drama and decisions that lead us to higher consciousness. Hidden truths that expand with each listening.

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Music to Heal the Family Soul

by Alana Woods

When the music begins, the whole body listens. Like tone poems (music that tells a story), this music is full of stories, images, and landscapes. The music is poignant, clear and deep, weaving its magic. The solo concert harp is played intuitively, in the moment, calling forth the healing dimensions of sound and music. Relax and listen, explore your own story through the music.

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Music for Life: Using Music Prescriptively – Kindle eBook

An informative collective sampling of music and music instruments recommended for self healing, and how they can be used. The author was inspired while meditating in ancient temple grounds in Greece with the information that historically, Paracelsus gave music prescriptions to his patients for both physical and mental disorders. This, plus memories of how the author naturally healed herself over and over by playing her piano when she was a child. Included is a chart showing six hands-on healing techniques or healing systems using music, brain responses to music, and affects on the human body.

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