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“Long before we had eyes to see, before we could walk, or taste or speak, we could hear. Before we were even born, we could hear many sounds in
and from the womb. Sound deeply influences us.” Alana Woods

Alana Woods is a musician, healer and storyteller who uses the Celtic harp to create deep soundscapes that tell stories from around the globe. Whether you want a peaceful and connected soundscape for a professional environment, a healing experience based in music, a soundtrack for your film or production, or an engaging performer/workshop for your festival, Alana Woods’ spiritual connection, wide-ranging healing practices, and musical depth create an unforgettable experience.

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    NEW BOOK – The Song I Hear

    By: Alana Woods Price: $15.99 Alana’s Memoir is a musical odyssey, the pied pipier in her radiating out throughout her journey, each stop on her travels more unique than the last.  We can almost hear her voice and her music as she writes about her magical life, and how the hand of destiny guides her. A mystical journey, Alana’s […]

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    3 Booklet Bundle

    This Bundle includes all 3 of Alana’s Healing Currents booklets: Aromatherapy & Essential Oils Dentistry & Music Natural Music Medicine

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    The sounds of a million years flowed through my mind as I stood on the banks of the Ganges.

    I see sounds coming from every planet. Sounds are being drawn magnetically to this planet, earth, in waves of Light. Waves are in rolling forms, coming first from invisible Light , then vibration, then sound as it manifests all over the universe. The sounds are focused to different points on the earth, drawn in by all the creatures: whales, dolphins, birds, man. These birds, animals and man bring the sound to plant life, and the entire atmosphere is full of sound. I heard my first Nightengale sing.

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